D.S. in Annapolis

“Meadow Hill Wellness, with the emphasis on ‘wellness’ has highly skilled and professional practitioners who can help resolve and relieve physical as well as emotional issues.  I came to Meadow Hill about 8 months ago after meeting Sara Poldmae at the West Street Art Fair.

I have been suffering from Arterial Vascular Malformation since 1990.  It is a congenital condition that started to exhibit itself  with a tremor in my left arm.  I have tried numerous types of treatment and am being treated by one of the top 10 neurologists in the country at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.  I have had two Gamma Knife radiation treatments that have been completely ineffective.

The nerve disorder I have stems from a small, contained brain bleed.  My symptoms include an extreme cold sensation and lack of mobility in the left side of my body.  I am using two modalities to address my issues including acupuncture and Shiatsu.  The treatments in conjunction have helped to reduce the shoulder and neck problems I was having.  I am not experiencing any pain.

All in all, the staff at Meadow Hill is extremely professional and genuinely tuned into the path to relieving my affliction.  I feel cared for as a patient and as a friend.”

~D.S. in Annapolis