Menopause in peace

Some of you may have heard me say from time to time that Sara saved my life. I struggled with a number of health related issues for a while. She diagnosed my gluten intolerance and helped me adjust my diet, which made a huge difference in my energy level and overall health in so many ways. I think she is an expert practitioner for it. This has been extremely important to my quality of life.

More importantly, she has helped me survive menopause. While many of my friends and peers are fanning and braking out into sweats in public and at inconvenient times. Acupuncture treatments from Sara relieved my hot flashes and my night sweats. My mood swings are under control as well. As most of you know I have been through a great deal. Menopausal women all over the country find themselves divorced and completely fall apart emotionally. I was able to stay strong and sane throughout my separation and divorce. I owe Sara and Meadowhill a great deal of gratitude for all of it.

During a treatment last week (and many other times) I could feel the stress drain from my body. My face and shoulders loosened and a sweet peace came over me. I know this sounds corny, but it is my truth.

L.F. Annapolis