Sandy Smith

“Hi, my name is Sandy Smith.  I was introduced to Sara Poldmae and acupuncture in September of 2006, and I have been so excited about taking care of my health since my first appointment!  I have been treated for numerous things:  acid reflux, fibroids, colds, menopause.  Each time I have had relief and felt great after!  I am also taking fish oil now and highly recommend it!  The thing I am most excited about is how much better I feel—there is an overall energy and wellness feeling I have inside.  It has improved my inner core so much.  It has helped me with feelings of depression, tiredness and fatigue.  I have had less colds and flu.  Did I mention how much more energy I have!!!?  This has had lasting effects for me.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health and well being.”