T.P. in Annapolis

“Health and wellness have always been a way of life for me, and I believe it does start in the home and with family.  That is why when my husband and I decided to start our own family, and discovered we would have to make a decision as to how we wanted to do this, I turned to Sara Poldmae to help in my decision-making process.

I had been told by my nutritionist that working with an acupuncturist would greatly increase my chances of naturally conceiving.  As a 38-year old, diagnosed with “unexplained infertility,” traditional western medicine told me my only real choice was IVF.  For me, this wasn’t an option, and I chose to go the non-medical route.  I have known too many others who had gone through the emotional and expensive process, and although it works for some, it is not what I wanted.

I chose to start by purifying my system, and Sara was a great help in this process.  She started with my education.  She lent me her copy of The Infertility Cure, which I would recommend to any woman who is experiencing trouble conceiving.  I liked Sara’s way of including me in the process, and I learned a great deal about what my options really were.  It made me that much confident that working with her would bring me the family I wanted.

After receiving weekly acupuncture treatments and herbal supplementation, I was pregnant within 6 months of being told by an infertility specialist to sign up for IVF.  In fact, it was Sara who first told me the news.  At the beginning of one of my weekly treatments, she took my pulse and asked that I take a pregnancy test before receiving any more acupuncture treatments.  I took two, and they were both positive!  It was one of the happiest days of my life!

I had trusted my instincts and Sara’s very capable knowledge and belief in my body’s ability to do what nature intended.  The result was a baby girl, and I will always be greatly indebted to Sara and her staff for educating my husband and me, supporting us and helping grant one of our greatest wishes.”
~T.P. in Annapolis