Healing Touch for Animals

Healing Touch by Victoria

Victoria Stewart HTCP, HTACP

(443) 454-9018


“My path to become a Healing Touch Practitioner started when my brother was dying from melanoma cancer in 1997. I knew there was something out there to help him make a peaceful transition. Healing Touch opened my eyes and my heart.

My first animal client was a 12 year-old Australian shepherd named Mattie who was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. After Mattie’s first Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) treatment, the owner said she “played like a puppy and was able to go up and down the stairs…and even jumped on the bed.” She was delighted as apparently was Mattie!

I had spent 25 years in the corporate world…but now I was making a difference and helping people with their path to healing. I now have the opportunity to bring Healing Touch into the lives of everyday people. Schedule an appointment today!”

Healing Touch is a holistic energy therapy that emphasizes compassionate and heart-centered care in which the Healing Touch practitioners use gentle, non-invasive touch to influence and support the human energy system. This energizes the client’s self-healing process in becoming whole in body, mind and spirit.

Initial Evaluation ~ 2 hours with a Healing Touch treatment ~ $200

I will personally design the protocols for upcoming Healing sessions, which will entail how many weekly sessions it will take to achieve your goal.

Weekly Sessions ~ 1 to 1 1/2 hours using any of the following tools ~ $125


  • Healing Touch for Chakra balance and clearing
  • Healing Touch for Scar Integration
  • Healing Touch for Behavior Changes
  • Tuning Forks for physical blockages and clearing
  • Gemstones for Emotional and Karmic releasing – upon request
  • Medical Intuitive – upon request
  • Essential Oils for Raindrop Therapy
  • Essential Oils used with Healing Touch