Massage & Bodywork

Massage Therapist

Jaclyn Davenport, LMT

Jaclyn graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor’s in Biology. After working in the medical field she then went on to further her education to therapeutic massage and graduated from Anne Arundel Community College. She is passionate about caring for people and how the human body works which has driven her to this career. Jaclyn specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy and trigger point massage. She loves spending time with her husband, 1 year old son, cats and dog.





Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue works to break down knots (adhesions) deep within muscles, tendons and ligaments. It can help alleviate chronically tense areas such as stiff necks and tightness in the back and shoulders and can help with pain, limited mobility, recovery from injuries, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Orthopedic Massage

This type combines several different massage techniques, including both medical and sports forms. Orthopedic massage is used on a patient when they have soft tissue pain or have injuries, in order to promote faster healing and relieve the pain. The most emphasis related to this form of massage is placed on understanding the injury as well as what it will take to heal the injury. While orthopedic massage is generally used to help heal soft-tissue injuries, many athletes and dancers receive orthopedic massage regularly to enhance performance. Benefits include increased blood circulation, decreased pain, realignment of tissues, reducing tension, enhancing athletic performance, releasing adhesions and strengthening muscles.



Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to increase circulation, relieve muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and encourage relaxation. Swedish massage is the foundation for other types of massage, including deep tissue.


Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is an area of tenderness within the muscle tissue that develops from injury or over-use. It differs from a “knot” in that it refers (or “triggers”) pain to a different location on the body. Trigger point therapy puts concentrated pressure on these specific spots to encourage the muscle fibers, which are causing pain, to release. This type of massage may cause momentary discomfort in the affected area. But the therapy, sometimes described as “hurts so good,” helps relieve pain and tension in the muscles quite rapidly, improving movement and flexibility. It usually takes some time for trigger points to be resolved, though one session typically gives notable relief. Therapist: